Mapping Our Future

The Airport Commission and the Manassas Regional Airport are performing an update to the Airport Master Plan. Because the aviation industry is dynamic, airport master plans should be flexible and regularly updated by the airport owner. RS&H was selected to guide our effort to plot out the airport’s future. The process is collaborative and necessary to align the airport’s role to continue supporting the region.

On the Move

Serving the D.C. region for more than 50 years, the Manassas Regional Airport has grown to be the largest general aviation airport in the Commonwealth of Virginia. While the Master Plan is a visionary document that sets out a ‘road map’ for the sustainable growth of the airport, it is now up to us to establish the course that will guide the airport for another twenty years.

Take Part

The master plan process is designed to encourage citizen participation, and we encourage you to participate in this important process. There will be public workshops held throughout the course of the HEF Master Plan Update. Stay up–to–date and follow HEF on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Stay up–to–date on the Airport Master Plan update process and see when documents are uploaded to the Status page.


What is a master plan update?

A master plan update is a comprehensive study designed to depict an airport’s short–, medium–, and long–term development plans. Following a regimented process that is defined by the FAA allows the airport to meet future aviation demand in a safe, efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible manner.

The purpose of the study is to identify short and long–term needs of the airport, tenants, users, and the public. The data collected is used to create a development plan forecasted over a 20–year planning horizon.


Why is Manassas Regional Airport doing a master plan?

The Manassas Regional Airport last completed a Master Plan and accompanying Airport Layout Plan (ALP) drawing set in 2002. Since then, the airport and the industry have made significant changes in direction and practices. The airport’s proximity to the nation’s capital and significant growth in the Manassas region has led HEF to find a new direction to meet the needs of modern day.



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